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Your Fertility Type Quiz!

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I don't know about you, but I just love it when I can pick some multiple-choice options and then someone (magically!?!) tells me some cool and insightful stuff about myself! It's like a crazy card trick ... but without the cards. Or the weird magician. And with way less anxiety about being put on the spot. But I digress.

Ready to learn about your fertility type?

  • Grab a scrap of paper and write 1-10.
  • Jot down your letter answer next to each question.
  • Scoring will follow.

And don't worry! I promise you can see all the types at the end. I hate when I only get to read the one I got, and then I have to retake the whole quiz and make up random fake answers just to see what the other options were -- so annoying.


Question 1: You’ve been trying to have a baby for 6 months (without any luck).

a. You make a doctor’s appointment and do whatever your provider recommends.

b. You’re already tired and anxious and paralyzed over what to do next.

c. Your nightstand is already full of fertility books, you’ve got data from your period tracking app and you just made an appointment to ask your doctor for the tests you think you need.

d. You’ve consulted with some holistic providers and are trying to limit your negative self-talk and stay positive.

e. You think it’s time to learn more about evidence-based ways to up your odds and also get support because you’re starting to freak out a little.



Question 2: After one year of trying your doctor recommends taking an oral fertility medication to help you release more than one egg per cycle plus IUI (intrauterine insemination). What do you do?

a. Talk to your acupuncturist and opt for cutting out sugar and caffeine and add some extra herbs instead - you want to keep things as natural as possible!

b. Ask your doctor if injectable medications would give you better results faster and why they aren’t suggesting IVF ... maybe you need a 2nd opinion?

c. Ask your doctor more questions to see if they are giving you personalized or generic care, ask whether they have experience doing these sorts of IUIs, and find out what their plan is to monitor you.

d. Ruminate over the possibility of having triplets and worst-case-scenarios like OHSS you’ve heard about.

e. Do it. They’re the expert after all.



Question 3: You go to a fertility support group. As you say goodbye you think:

a. Well, that was overwhelming -- how do they all have that much energy!? 

b. Wow, that felt like a downer -- I need to do an energy clearing ritual stat!

c. How do these people know so much about fertility stuff?

d. That was BOTH helpful and hard -- which seems about right. 

e. I know WAY more than half the people in that group!



Question 4: A supportive friend asks what they can do to support you as you face infertility. You say:

a. "Awwww, you're so sweet! I’ve got it under control, but you're awesome for asking!" 

b. "Let’s go do something fun and have a glass of wine, I need some normalcy!" 

c. "I don’t know … am I supposed to be having a hard time?"

d. "I’d love to do some sort of ritual or vision board exercise this weekend!"

e. (Through tears) "I don’t know. I’m just so worn out." 



Question 5: How do you cope with stress in general?

a. Just keep swimming -- it could always be worse right?

b. Comfort foods (sweet or salty), favorite movies, naps, etc.

c.  Exercise (the harder the better) and a glass of wine (but I cut alcohol so I can’t do that now).

d. By seeing my reiki provider or doing a chakra balancing visualization.

e. I see stress as part of being human and do my best to lean in and cultivate skills and tools to work with it (instead of fighting it or feeling like I’m failing at being zen when it comes up). 



Question 6: Your mantra could be:

a. This moment is all there is!

b. Universe, I am ready and receptive!

c. Never take no for an answer.

d. I am enough. (And you’re working on believing it.)

e. I’d never use a mantra! 



Question 7: Some of your more general health obstacles are:

a. I’m tired, I tend to feel bogged down and/or bloated, I overthink and ruminate on things.

b. I need to detox, I’m highly sensitive and have a big list of things I’m actively working on!

c. I’m not super tuned in with my body. I’m pretty good I think? 

d. Tension, headaches, irritability, PMS (especially if I miss a workout).

e. How do I stay overall engaged, moderate, and healthy, and also accept that I’ll never be perfect (and I don’t need to be). 



Question 8:  When it comes to your period and menstrual cycle:

a. I’ve done many BBT charts, I’m trying to make it better every month by taking supplements for each stage, I’m super aware of my body.

b. I understand the basics of hormones and biology and I know how to listen to what my body is telling me, but I also know there’s lots I can’t directly control and variations can be normal (and perfectly fertile). 

c. I’ve had all the blood tests and I use OPK tests and I’m frustrated this isn’t working.

d. I have cycle issues: ovulation concerns, cycle length concerns, etc…

e. I think it’s fine. My doctor would tell me if it wasn’t right?



Question 9: When it comes to supplements:

a. I’ve bought some, but I’m not super great at remember taking them consistently.

b. I’ve got a ton! My naturopath alone has me on 8 things and my acupuncturist added 3 more, I've also eliminated a lot of problem foods. 

c. I haven’t really tried much - should I?

d. I look at supplements as a little extra insurance and ways to fill nutritional gaps or address acute issues, but I don’t feel like taking handfuls of pills every day for long periods of time is a great idea.

e. I read all the research (or at least the books that talk about the research). I’ve figured out the best cocktail for me and I've got my partner on one too. 



Question 10: "When I get pregnant … 

a. I know it’s gonna be hard in new ways, which is why I’m trying to stay mindful, put together a team of people I really trust, and set myself up to face the next phase with grace." 

b. It’ll be mission accomplished -- until I start to think about doing this again in 12-18 months."

c. I’ll be glad to move into the next phase of life and be a parent."

d. I’m gonna keep seeing a whole team of natural providers to help my body have a natural birth and successfully breastfeed for at least a year."

e. I can’t even “go there.” If I do I’m a bundle of nerves." 




Give yourself the following points.

Question 1)  a=1, b=2, c=3, d=4, e=5

Question 2)  a=4, b=3, c=5, d=2, e=1

Question 3)  a=2, b=4, c=1, d=5, e=3

Question 4)  a=3, b=5, c=1, d=4, e=2

Question 5)  a=1, b=2, c=3, d=4, e=5

Question 6)  a=5, b=4, c=3, d=2, e=1

Question 7)  a=2, b=4, c=1, d=3, e=5

Question 8)  a=4, b=5, c=3, d=2, e=1

Question 9)  a=2, b=4, c=1, d=5, e=3

Question 10)  a=5, b=3, c=1, d=4, e=2

Count how many of each number 1-5 you have.



Fertility types.


Mostly 1s: Detached/Trusting Type 

You tend to think of infertility as an isolated issue that you need to address as directly and as unemotionally as possible. You put your fertility efforts into mainstream fertility care and are happy to trust and default to your reductionistic medical care team -- that’s what they’re trained in and paid for right? You are generally quite practical and pride yourself on being level-headed. You may sometimes feel baffled at home much fertility “stuff” other people “do” and know about. 

Pros: You can compartmentalize infertility better than most and you are NOT tempted to spiral into the murky overwhelm of pseudo-science, personal opinions, and magical thinking. You tend to value basic statistics and data which can help you feel more realistic and emotionally protected on this journey.

Cons: If you aren’t engaged and interested in some education and body awareness you risk getting generic fertility care that could be better and may waste precious time and money. Plus there ARE often bigger-picture, whole-person factors (think clues) that could help hone in and improve your fertility and whole body/life that you may miss out on noticing and taking advantage of. There is often a tendency towards externalizing one’s power in this fertility type. 

Why TBYW is for you: When it comes to your fertility and “body stuff,” you appreciate numbers and solid research-backed options. This program will give you lots of useful charts, data, and studies in clearly organized, simple-to-use formats. TBYW will also help you cultivate more personal awareness and pay attention to what your body is telling you so that you can get more customized and make sure you're getting the most appropriate fertility care. All of this together will improve your odds of success. BONUS: This program will also help you tap into a bit of your whole body/mind softer side where the research proves the health benefits are legit. 


Mostly 2s: Worried/Tired Type

You tend to think of infertility as a personal weakness or will-power issue even though you may have legitimate bigger-picture health concerns (things like past trauma, gut issues, and even metabolic and hormonal imbalances). Because of these very real issues, you can often feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and as though your stress-coping buffer is thinner than you’d like it to be. You are generally a thoughtful, feeling person who loves deeply (you may even call yourself sappy). You may sometimes feel like you fall short of cultural pressures to achieve, exercise, and be a perfectionist because you don’t have enough energy to “go there.”

Pros: You often don’t have enough energy to be overly controlling or perfectionistic and this protects you from over-researching or adding too many things to your plate. These are actually holistically GOOD things (even if our culture says otherwise). You are naturally compassionate to others and have a deep capacity to connect and nurture relationships and causes you care about. 

Cons: There is often a tendency towards self-blame and shame with this fertility type and feeling paralyzed about taking action can be an obstacle.  Due to very legitimate factors, you may find it hard to make consistently healthy choices and your mental chatter often prevents you from feeling fully clear or at peace with anything you chose. IF this type overlaps with BMI/fat body types it can be especially challenging to find good fertility care due to medical biases (which sucks and isn’t okay). All of this often leads to lots of months and even years spent beating yourself up and missing out on the really important whole-you AND fertility care you deserve. 

Why TBYW is for you:  When it comes to your fertility you appreciate being seen as a person (a complicated and deeply feeling person at that) and treated like a whole (not just bit by bit). This program will give you so many layers and fill in all the places reductionistic medicine falls flat. This WILL improve your fertility. Plus make you feel SO much better all-around -- energy, mood, everything. TBYW will also help you learn to be as kind to yourself as you are to others and choose moderate and sustainable options that easily fit your life so you trade overwhelm and paralysis for guilt-free, baby steps that will have you feeling better (and more fertile) than ever. BONUS: Great healthcare should connect your dots and not feel overwhelming you're about to make sure does! 


Mostly 3s: Driven/Perfectionist Type 

You tend to think of infertility as an obstacle to be faced with grit, hard work, knowledge, force, and determination. You may have faced hardships or had to look out for yourself in the past -- which you not only survived but came out stronger. So you put your fertility efforts into making sacrifices, researching, and doing whatever it takes. You are generally self-motivated, efficient, have high-energy, and are goal-oriented. This mindset has worked for everything you’ve ever done before (school, career, fitness, etc). You may have even gotten praised for these traits. You may often feel like you can do things better and faster than others, so why delegate or accept their help? 

Pros: You are extremely motivated, tend to have good amounts of energy and resources (from finances to education) to draw from, and are super proactive and engaged in your care. You can be a powerful self-advocate and even an educator for others. You are the fertility type that is most likely to engage in fertility advocacy, research, fund-raising, lobbying, etc. 'Cause, let's be honest ... you get shit done. 

Cons: Because you are so driven, you tend to push yourself to the point of nearly breaking (then take a tiny pause to freak-out and repeat). This might feel perfectly normal to you, but your body perceives this lifestyle as a non-stop-threat that directly hurts your fertility odds. An achievement mindset can also lead to a sense of personal failure if there are medical/biological/genetic factors that cannot be “conquered,” and feed into pressure, rigidity, and then resentment if things don't work. (Think - fertility martyrdom and putting your life on hold and feeling like it's all been a waste.) This fertility type tends to think more is better which leads to a tendency to jump into the over-medicalization and over-treatment of infertility. 

Why TBYW is for you:  When it comes to your fertility you appreciate being educated, in control, and knowing that whatever you're doing it WILL up your odds of success. This program will give you everything you need to get "all-that" (we're talking research, finding your best clinic, figuring out your hormones), AND at the same time shift out of conquering/survival mode and into a bigger, more balanced way of working on your fertility instead. In other words, TBYW will help you choose to put your efforts where they really work and let go of where you're accidentally hurting yourself and your odds. And not just odds of getting pregnant, but of a healthy pregnancy and beyond too! BONUS: You may have gotten accustomed to putting your highest needs and preferences last, but this program can help you learn to cultivate better work/life boundaries, find joy, embrace rest and connection and that's a great place to live AND to parent from. 


Mostly 4s: Faux Holistic / Woo Type

You tend to think of fertility as a path of constant self-improvement and lessons to be learned - maybe the universe is just waiting for you to achieve your next level! You put most of your fertility efforts into natural and sometimes new-age or energetic treatments and options and fully embrace alternative and holistic healthcare and self-care. You are generally a person who prides themselves on being more energetically attuned and sensitive (in good ways and challenging ones too). You may sometimes feel like you are failing at the lofty goals you've set for yourself (like manifesting and feeling ready for a baby and staying positive). 

Pros: You are very aware of your body and are invested and see the value in whole-person mind/body self-care and healthcare. You naturally embrace truly holistic things like journaling, gentle movement, healthy eating, down-time, and self-care, which can be wonderful protective (and scientifically proven) options. You are open-minded and tend to see life as bigger than what the human eye can see and the brain can understand, which can bring you a sense of purpose and peace. 

Cons: You may have some bias against mainstream healthcare or feel you have to “choose” between natural and mainstream care (you may even see utilizing western treatments as a guilty-failure). This puts you at risk for avoiding sometimes medically necessary and/or useful tests and care instead of opting for the best of both worlds. Prioritizing natural options can also be a slippery slope into pseudoscience and magical thinking which can result in unhealthy/unhelpful pressure on yourself to "believe," be "ready" or positive or “want” a baby enough (all not helpful or true). This fertility type often finds themselves doing more and more but feeling worse and worse. This is "faux holism." 

Why TBYW is for you: When it comes to your fertility you have all the best big-picture intentions and an amazing natural ability to connect the whole-you mind/body dots which can be SO helpful on this journey. This program will help you sort out what's working from what's harmful, so everything will finally start to register as you want it to. TBYW will help you feel confident in evidence-based options and DIY layers, but also say buh-bye to faux holism and embrace where western care might move you forwards faster and with more clarity. You’ll take back your power from faux holistic providers who may see themselves as experts, and become your own expert and best resource instead. BONUS: It feels fabulous and abundant to use every option available and take back your power! 


Mostly 5s: Truly Holistic / Big Picture Type

You tend to think of infertility as (let’s just be honest) crappy luck and complicated biology and you’re doing your best in an unfair situation. You are deeply engaged and proactive in the places your efforts can serve you, but also understand infertility isn’t something a person ultimately gets to “fix” or control -- even if you don’t love it. You put your fertility efforts into being well-rounded, educated, and pursuing evidence-based care. You feel equipped to have smart conversations that insure you’re getting smart care (both directly for fertility and for your whole body/mind too). This helps you maintain some sense of personal power even in the hardest places. 

Pros: You go girl/they/them/boy! There are SO many pros to your approach to fertility and life! Your mindset is balanced. Your coping skills are top-notch. Your expectations are realistic. And you're using your best options and living your best life even in this brutally hard place. If you can thrive here, you can do anything (and spoiler alert, you can … but you probably already know that don’t you?!) You refuse to put your life on hold. You refuse to be sold on immoderate, unhealthy, magic bullet solutions and you’ll stick with self-compassion, moderation, and true whole body/mind wellness (and flaws too) any day. 

Cons: Is there such thing as “too balanced?” Probably not, but you may find your willingness to put up with hurtful BS, compromise on your real values, and waste time on “small stuff” diminishes the more truly holistic you are. I’m okay with that. I bet you are too!

Why TBYW is for you: When it comes to your fertility you appreciate not losing yourself in this process while actively engaging in places that serve your goals. We're talking life and fertility goals BOTH. This program is going to feel like home-sweet-home! While TBYW may not result in any seismic shifts in how you view and approach your fertility, you definitely will feel super validated as the program reinforces SO MUCH of what you value and already work towards in your life. BONUS: You’ll finally find your bosom buddies and kindred spirits, feel understood and surrounded by others that “get it,” and you’ll probably learn some new tools, mantras, and exercises to keep living your best life.