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If you're feeling defeated, bitter, or broken while struggling to get pregnant, learn how to heal and then move forward again with my Extra-Awful Infertility guide.

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If you're feeling defeated, bitter, or broken while struggling to get pregnant, learn how to heal and then move forward again with my Extra-Awful Infertility guide.

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You can improve your fertility from a place of actually feeling better.

Less anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief during infertility will up your chances of a baby and improve your life right now. My compassionately crafted guide includes three key holistic fertility lessons, inspiring success stories, exercises, creative mantra coloring sheets, and more, designed to help you when infertility is feeling extra hard.

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What's in the guide?

Face infertility unknowns.

Not knowing how infertility ends is kinda the worst. If I could tell you how your fertility journey ends - no matter how it ends - it'd be way easier. Alas, that's not an option. Let's talk about what is. Because we can make the unknowns of infertility way more tolerable. I promise.

Limit treatment trauma. 

Failed fertility treatments, unexplained infertility issues, the pressure of dwindling options and last chances at having a baby. They all cause so much suffering and measurable trauma. We can be proactive and offset, prevent, and honor how hard this all feels. 

Remember your joy.

Feeling defeated, bitter, or jealous about other people's pregnancies can make you question what infertility has turned you into. These feelings are normal. I know you're still that amazing human with a huge heart. This guide will help you not only find yourself, but remind you to be kind to yourself too.

Find control while TTC.

IUI, IVF, implantation, male factor infertility, egg quality, low AMH, pregnancy loss. There's a lot you can't directly control. But there's also a ton you can. Let's redirect some energy into those things and watch the ripples they make for your quality of life, mental health while TTC, clarity, relationships, and yes, pregnancy outcomes.

Up your pregnancy odds.

Infertility is a complicated medical condition. Stress and threat are rarely the only factor. But they do make infertility even more uphill. As you learn new ways of approaching your hard emotions and fertility stress, you'll make huge, lasting ripples in your life that will only help your odds. It's a win win.

Healing while conceiving.

So much in our infertility culture tells you to keep going at all cost, stay positive, keep believing - but these things only add to feeling like a failure because they don't honor your reality and the fertility challenges you're facing. Let's actually process, express, and heal from these hard times instead of trying to fake it, which most often fails.

Hi, I'm Nicole.

And I'm here to help support you through infertility.

As a fertility acupuncturist and educator since 2006, I’ve been on podcasts, taught fertility doctors and nurses, created a life-changing online program reaching people all over the world, and most importantly, gotten to know and care for thousands of women and people like you going through infertility. I’m incredibly honored to be invited into the highest highs and also the lowest lows.

And as a person who’s definitely experienced her own lowest lows, I’ve noticed it’s often in the hardest and darkest places we make the most amazing progress and find the deepest meaning. As hard as that is, it’s not a coincidence.

I’ve created this Extra Awful Infertility guide to give you three key ideas I’ve seen make the biggest and best impact in the darkest moments of infertility, pregnancy loss, grief, and trauma. I’ve witnessed the power of these ideas in my own life, seen them create beautiful ripples for my patients and program members, and I can’t wait for YOU to experience them too!

I hope you sign up for this guide because I know it’ll be validating, hopeful, and healing. I know it will not only set you up for better fertility success, but help you find the most empowered, authentic, and amazing version of yourself along the way. Thanks for inviting me in.

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