Hi, I'm Nicole!

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Hi, I’m Nicole!  

( she / her pronouns )

I’ve had the incredible honor of doing holistic fertility and trauma work as an acupuncturist and educator since 2006. But my first love was biology, and I still love to marry the best of holism and science to get the very best of both worlds! My private fertility practice has been wildly successful in all the ways and I can't imagine doing anything I'd love more (insert sigh of content here).

On a more personal note, I’m a trauma survivor (although I'm not crazy about that term), a lifelong learner, a first-born recovering perfectionist, a sister, a daughter, a wife (my hubby is also my graphic designer and bandmate because apparently we can’t spend enough time together - hey Mark), and a mom to two fabulous kiddos who are way older than they should be. I also whole-heartedly believe that even (especially?) life's shittiest challenges are opportunities, but also that believing this doesn't mean I have to love them or that they've happened for a reason.

I live in a little bungalow in Minneapolis, MN that's filled with silliness, vintage finds, small pets, music, good food and too many house plants. I love to host elaborate roll-your-own sushi and costume karaoke parties - when we’re not in the middle of global pandemic - and make music and eat food with others when I can. 

I’m naturally wired to about “threat level orange”, maybe yellow on a mellow day. So you’d love having me in your apocalypse planning committee, but might find me struggling to relax and meditate (but still trying darn it!) in non-apocalyptic times. I consider weeping among my absolute favorite hobbies because my heart is overflowing, and I like this about myself. But I don’t love that I’m pretty terrible at details, heinously bad at directions, poor at spelling and that I truly have some form of facial recognition issue (they should study my brain in an fMRI). If I see you on the street and walk right by I’m sorry! Really. I’m pretty sure it’s clinically bad. 


"This machine kills crappy fertility culture."


Now let me tell you about this blog you're on. The first thing you should know is that it’s not actually a blog - it’s really a super-powerful weapon for social change. Have you seen the picture of Woody Guthrie’s guitar with the words, “this machine kills fascists” on it? Well, this blog could have the words, “this machine kills crappy fertility culture,” somewhere on it. No joke, my goal is to lead nothing short of a total fertility cultural revolution and change the world. Cue the Schuyler sisters song from Hamilton here - I want a revolution, so listen to my declaration ... work! 

Here’s the thing you should know about having me as your self-appointed leader though - I have a super intense distaste for the current fertility / health guru culture and I actually think gurus are a huge part of the not so healthy situation we find ourselves in. So you won’t find a website called NICOLELANGE.com and I'm not going to plaster giant pictures of myself in every header of every website and I'm not gonna  pretend to know you better than you know yourself.

So, everything I create and do isn’t focused on me on purpose. I might be blazing this trail and supplying the ammunition for real and lasting change, but I want to do it arm and arm with you. This revolution is about you being unique and fabulous and us honoring that, and together being the change. I sure hope you’re game!

So let's get down to it! Are you ready to call blame and shame fertility BS where you see it and demand better? SAY YES!

Are you ready to put down the cultural kool-aid of being positive all the damn time and, instead, ready to get honest and authentic and have real conversations? And are you okay if that makes other people a little uncomfortable? SAY YES!

Are you sick of working so hard all. the. time. and ready for actual balance and a place for real joy and self-care to fit into the mix? SAY YES!

And are you more than anything else committed to having a baby from a place that honors your wholeness and humanity instead of reducing you to pieces and treating you like you’re broken and need to be fixed? SAY YES!

Let’s do this! Let’s shift, one fertility story at a time, starting right here with this blog. Here’s the fuel I think we’ll need and what I hope you’ll get on this blog - and from all that I do.


It is key for you to be able to envision something bigger and better than what is the cultural norm right now. You have to feel inspired and have hope that life can be amazing both right now and come what may! Yes, this includes holding onto hope for a baby, but not just any baby. I want you to have hope for a baby born from abundance into a thriving and healthy world to a thriving and healthy you - that’s the baby you really want. Let me be your fertility muse and help you see it’s possible.


Navigating infertility on what I call the “typical path,” is so damn hard. I’m talking layers and layers and layers of hard that you can’t fathom until you’re in it. Collectively changing this in the places it can be changed is a huge part of what we need to do. But, we also need to honor that some of this difficulty will never go away because this experience is fundamentally brutal. Getting real isn’t being negative or jinxing a thing. Getting real is a part of this change.

Empowering education.

There’s a reason the phrase “knowledge is power” exists. You becoming increasingly educated and empowered - from basic biology to logistics of treatments to cutting edge technology and everything in between - matters. I want to fill in some of the gaps you may be stumbling over!

And last but not least …


There are so many things that would never be okay in healthcare - and I do mean never - except in the world of infertility and women’s reproductive health. Why are the terms ovarian failure and cervical incompetence considered okay but penis failure or incompetent testicles seem ridiculous? How is it that insurance can refuse to cover legitimate biological health concerns in your reproductive system but could never dream to exclude any other system of the body? If you had heart disease you’d probably readily concede that your diet and lifestyle matter, but to suggest you should forgo a necessary medical procedure and instead give up gluten and make a vision board and simply picture yourself with a healthy heart would never be okay. Do you see what I’m saying? What the hell are we being sold and why are we buying it? 

So that’s me, and that’s this blog and that's all that I do in my practice and program too. Am I passionate? Yup, just a tad! Have I been working on this for what feels like my entire life? Yes, indeed it does! I'm made for this. I think you are too.

I hope you’ll enlist to join this army of hella strong fertility warriors and crusade for the changes we all need. Your life will be better for it. The world will be better for it.

Let’s go,